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  • Tips for the Interim: T&L Connection 2018

    In this issue of the T&L Connection, new guides on course design and inclusive teaching, upcoming Canvas workshops, the faculty application for Learning Fellows, Senior Design Challenge, and our winterim book recommendation!

  • Reporting on the 2018 Classroom Survey

    Explore the results of the Arts & Sciences faculty classroom survey about the quality and conditions of campus classrooms, conducted by the Classroom Committee in spring 2018.

    Classroom 1
  • Stamps Scholar Aaron Lit Makes a Difference With Fashion

    Aaron Lit ’19, a math modified with economics student from Hong Kong, has a mission to smooth out any wrinkles in your preconceived notions of fashion while also saving marine life. He intends to do this through his social project MiaMira.

    Mia Mira design - blue dress with coral and colorful fish
  • Reporting on the Teaching Needs Assessment

    In 2016, DCAL set out to establish a stronger link between faculty needs and center programming by assessing faculty needs and interests related to teaching. Here, the results of the DCAL Teaching Needs Assessment.

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  • The Thought Project: A Living Learning Community

    With support from DCAL's Experiential Learning Initiative, the Thought Project Living Learning Community is building a community of Dartmouth students committed to embracing culture, broadening experiences, and becoming reflective citizens of the world.


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