Graduate Students and Postdocs

TA Workshop Series & Orientation

DCAL offers a campus-wide TA orientation each fall, a TA panel at the start of term, and many other workshops that may be useful to you. The TA-specific workshops are led by experienced TAs who share what they have learned. 

See the workshop sign-ups for grad students and postdocs for details about when this will be offered.

Based on DCAL’s Classroom Visits for faculty to visit each other’s classes, the TA teaching network is an opportunity for people with current TA responsibilities to see what other TAs do in the classroom, lab, review sessions or office hours. If you’re willing to have someone sit in on one of your sessions and/or you would like to see others in action, email Cindy Tobery to join the network. Perhaps you can “steal” some ideas or give some good hints. We’ll coordinate visits during the introductory meeting of the group.


Teaching Philosophy Workshops

Most academic institutions ask that those who are applying for an assistant professor position should submit a teaching statement/philosophy. If you're not sure how to articulate your philosophy in a concise essay, come to the Teaching Philosophy Workshop Series. If you have a statement you’re working on, please suggest we offer the workshop or make an appointment with Cindy Tobery.


Future Faculty Teaching Workshop Series

This five-part introductory workshop series is for graduate students and postdocs who are considering an academic career. Participants will be exposed to educational literature and the elements of course design. They will have a chance to practice teaching, and to evaluate teaching by others. The session topics are principles of learning, lesson design, collaborative learning, critical moments in class, and practice teaching.

Participants are asked to attend all five parts (usually 6 meetings) and will receive a certificate of completion.

This series is offered at least two times per year.

Learning Community for Future Faculty

DCAL has established a Learning Community for Future Faculty (LCFF) to cultivate a community focused on teaching and learning amongst graduate students and postdocs. The focus of this group is to share the rewards and challenges of college teaching, while digging a bit deeper into best practices and techniques for teaching and related career development issues. The LCFF meets monthly and the topics and format are chosen by its members.

Syllabus Design Workshop Series

This 3-part series focuses on learning objectives, assessment methods, and creating a complete course syllabus.