An X-hour is one period each week reserved for that course in its regularly assigned classroom at a time different from the course's regular scheduled time. 


Every course that is scheduled by the Registrar of Dartmouth College has, in addition to its regularly scheduled class times, an additional, optional period each week called the X-hour. The X-hour is reserved for that course in its regularly assigned classroom, but on a different day and time.

For courses that meet on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, the X-hour typically falls on Tuesday or Thursday for a 50-minute period. For courses scheduled on Tuesday/Thursday, the X-hour generally falls on a Monday or Wednesday for a 50-minute period. See the Class Schedule Chart for specific details. Corresponding X-hours are indicated on the schedule with an X, e.g. 10X for classes that meet in the 10 block, 3AX for classes that meet in the 3A.

Instructors use X-hours in a variety of ways. Some use them as regularly scheduled class time, and expect students to come to class for every X-hour. Others use them for discussion sections, tutoring or review sessions, special events, or make-up classes when regularly scheduled classes must be canceled for any reason.

To help students plan accordingly, notify them on your syllabus and during the first week of class how you intend to use the X-hours. If you will use X-hours to make up canceled classes, please plan in advance whenever possible and indicate it on your syllabus.