An X-hour is one period each week reserved for that course in its regularly assigned classroom at a time different from the course's regular scheduled time. 

X-Hours or X-Periods

Every course regularly scheduled by the Registrar of Dartmouth College has, in addition to its regularly scheduled class times, a scheduled X-period. For courses that meet on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, the X-hour falls on Thursdays for a 50-minute period. For courses scheduled on Tuesday-Thursday, the X-hour generally falls on a Monday or Wednesday for a 65-minute period.

See the Course Schedule Chart for specific details.

Instructors use X-hours in a variety of ways. Some use them as regularly scheduled class time, and expect students to come to class for every X-hour. Others use them for discussion sections, special tutoring sessions, or make-up classes when regularly scheduled classes must be canceled for any reason.

The important things to remember about X-hours are:

  • Your regular classroom is reserved for your course for every X-hour
  • You should let students know in your syllabus, and repeatedly over the first week of classes, how you intend to use the X-hour for that course and how you expect students to use that time.
  • If you will use X-hours to make up canceled classes, please plan in advance whenever possible and indicate it on your syllabus.