Reserving the Teaching Center

The Teaching Center is located in Baker Room 102, in the heart of the DCAL offices.

About the Teaching center

The Teaching Center is equipped as a smart classroom and can be configured as a conference room, studio classroom or seminar room. It also enjoys built-in video and audio conference equipment that is easy to use. When necessary, Classroom Technology Services will support IT users in that room.

Hosting Co-Sponsored Events at the Center

Since the Teaching Center is dedicated to facilitating DCAL’s mission—the professional development of Dartmouth's faculty as teachers—almost all events held there are sponsored or co-sponsored by DCAL. Any organization wishing to co-sponsor an event with DCAL in the Teaching Center should submit a brief proposal to DCAL describing the proposed event, how it supports DCAL’s mission and when it is to be held. You may address such requests to the directors by contacting DCAL.

Non-DCAL Events in the Center 

Occasionally, events that are not directly related to DCAL’s mission may be scheduled in the Teaching Center by Dartmouth organizations and offices. Such events may not be scheduled any more than four weeks in advance. Requests for such events should be made in writing and directed to Elaine Livingston at the address given above. The directors will grant or deny such requests based on the room’s availability and the appropriateness of the room for the event proposed. In such cases, IT support must be arranged with CTS independently of DCAL.