Disrupting Implicit Bias

Implicit (subconscious) bias pervades everyday life. DCAL's resources can help you address implicit bias in the classroom.


Implicit Bias

Bias in the Classroom

  • “Bias in the Classroom: Types, Frequencies, and Responses” (Boysen & Vogel, 2009)
  • “Teachers’ Responses to Bias in the Classroom: How Response Type and Situational Factors Affect Student Perceptions” (Boysen, 2012)
  • “Social-Psychological Interventions in Education: They’re Not Magic” (Yeager & Walton, 2011)
  • We Can’t Teach What We Don't Know: White Teachers, Multiracial Schools (Howard, 2006)
  • Teaching Diversity: Challenges and Complexities, Identities, and Integrity (Timpson, 2003)
  • Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice (Adams, Bell & Griffin, 2007)

Bias in Higher Education

  • “STEM Confidence Gap” (Piazza, 2015)
  • “Black Male College Achievers and Resistant Responses to Racist Stereotypes at Predominantly White Colleges and Universities” (Harper, 2015)
  • Black Male Student Success in Higher Education: A Report from the National Black Male College Achievement Study (Harper, 2012)
  • Gender Bias in Academe Bibliography (HASTAC, 2015)

Strategies For Disrupting Bias In The Classroom

STEM-Specific Strategies