Pilot Projects

The following pilot projects were selected by DCAL as featured models of experiential learning in 2014-15. The faculty, co-curricular partners, and students who engaged in each project provided insights and expertise to shape future resources and programming to expand and enhance experiential learning at Dartmouth. 

ANTH 6: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Anthropology 6: Introduction to Biological Anthropology was a fall 2015 course in which students explored what National Geographic describes as potentially “one of the greatest fossil finds of the past half century” and interacted with the leader of the field research team who discovered the fossils. Watch the video.

BIOL 70: Biologic Lessons of the Eye

Biology 70: Biologic Lessons of the Eye was a fall 2016 undergraduate course offered through the Department of Biology that culminated in a 10-14 day visit to Aravind Eye Hospital in Tamil Nadu to present research and observe the delivery of eye care in India.

Dartmouth Vietnam Project

The Dartmouth Vietnam Project is a co-curricular program that trains students in the art of oral history interviewing and connects students with Dartmouth alumni, faculty, staff, Upper Valley residents, and others with Dartmouth ties to conduct interviews and capture memories of the Vietnam War and the Vietnam War era. The ultimate goal of the DVP is the creation of an online oral history archive that is accessible to students and researchers. Watch the video.

Hop Curricular Connections

The Hop Curricular Connections program was launched in fall 2015 to provide funding for students to attend performances at the Hopkins Center for the Arts as part of their academic curriculum, as well as resources for faculty to develop more ambitious, intentional, and reflective curricular connections that will enhance teaching and learning and take advantage of Hop performances in new ways. Watch the video.

Telling Stories for Social Change

Telling Stories for Social Change is an academic course offered in AAAS, WGST, and MALS where students work directly with a local population in crisis while studying the effects of poverty, class structures, drug addiction, incarceration, and the issues facing people after treatment and/or imprisonment. The course culminates in an original performance that serves as a platform for collaborators’ voices and discussing social issues. The co-curricular program, Telling My Story on Campus, engages specific student groups in shared dialogue and community building through creative performance. Watch the video.