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DCAL Book Club: Connecting in College

Faculty Workshop

Friday, April 21, 2017
DCAL, 102 Baker Library
Intended Audience(s): Faculty
Registration required.

How do friendships matter socially and academically during college? What can faculty do to facilitate the development of ties that help students succeed? In Janice McCabe’s recent book Connecting in College, she argues that the friendships students form are one of the most overlooked and crucial aspects of college. Examining 82 students’ friendship over 5 years shows how college students form different types of friendship networks (tight-knitters, compartmentalizers, and samplers) and use them in different ways to manage their academic and social lives. In this workshop, Professor McCabe (Sociology) will share ideas for how faculty can help students cultivate friendships with academic benefits.

Lunch will be provided, registration is required: http://libcal.dartmouth.edu/event/3216875

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Elaine Livingston

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