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DCAL's Learning Community for Future Faculty - Practice makes perfect!

This is a monthly gathering of graduate students and postdocs talking about teaching and learning and this month we'll do practice talks. (Note we will start at 12:15pm)

Monday, June 12, 2017
DCAL, 102 Baker Library
Intended Audience(s): Students-Graduate
Categories: Workshops & Training
Registration required.

(Note we will start at 12:15 in June.) Practice makes perfect! For this month’s LCFF, we will be discussing the dreaded chalk/research talks used at job interviews. To better prepare ourselves, we will practice how to teach our research to different people in forms of short, mock chalk talks. Come practice and polish your pitches for job talks, chalk talks, networking events, or family gatherings.
Come prepared with a short pitch to explain your current research to the group (3-5 min)—and challenge yourself to use the whiteboard instead of slides!
Please look at the following links to prepare your mock talks:

In order to cultivate a community focused on teaching and learning amongst graduate students and postdocs, DCAL has established a Learning Community for Future Faculty (LCFF). The focus of this group is to share the rewards and challenges of college teaching, while digging a bit deeper into best practices and techniques for teaching.  The LCFF meets monthly on the 2nd Monday of the month.  Register at http://libcal.dartmouth.edu/event/2697937


For more information, contact:
Cindy Tobery

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