Class Meetings

Members of the faculty are responsible for instruction in their courses through the entire term, including during reading and examination periods.

Faculty Responsibilities

Course meetings shall be commensurate with those established for the designated course hour in the weekly schedule in the ORC. Class cancellations arise, and are often anticipated, due to other professional, administrative, and/or personal commitments.

All scheduled and unscheduled absences should be made up (for example, by arranging for a guest lecture, by using unscheduled x-hours to hold an alternate lecture, or by substituting another pedagogically appropriate alternative). Faculty members who are unable to meet a class because of illness or other emergency should promptly notify their departments/programs and students.

Some courses include a period of time with no class meetings to allow for individual research or project preparation. During such periods, faculty should continue to be available for consultation in office hours on a regular basis at a time accessible for students.