DCAL hosts a series of workshops each term on topics related to teaching.

About the Workshops

Workshops in DCAL provide supportive environments in which participants can:

  • Build skills
  • Develop knowledge 
  • Discuss teaching topics with peers
  • Consider the research in the field of teaching and learning
  • Reflect on teaching philosophy and practice
  • Practice techniques and strategies

Workshops topics range widely and vary term by term, and are aligned to support participants’ progress toward DCAL’s participant learning outcomes:

  1. Increasing awareness of the range of evidence-based teaching and learning practices.
  2. Integrating evidence-based practices into teaching philosophy and practice.
  3. Identifying factors that influence pedagogical choices.
  4. Effectively using learning spaces and instructional technologies to facilitate learning.
  5. Aligning learning goals, teaching strategies, activities, and assessments at course and/or curricular level.
  6. Implementing teaching strategies that foster inclusion and accessibility.
  7. An increased sense of belonging to a community of scholar-educators.
  8. Awareness of available resources and services to support teaching.

Workshops are facilitated by DCAL staff and/or campus partners, depending on the subject matter of the workshop. Workshops are typically 1-2 hours in length, and are open to all members of the Dartmouth scholar-educator community regardless of rank, school, discipline, or teaching ability.

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