Carly M. Lesoski

Learning Innovation Program Manager

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Hello and welcome! I'm Dr. Carly M. Lesoski and I'm the Learning Innovation Program Manager in DCAL. My primary task in this role is to coordinate the Accessible Dartmouth Initiative. I am passionate about accessibility, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and creating inclusive learning environments that support all students (and instructors!) 

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HB 6247

Selected Publications

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    *Lesoski, C. M. (Forthcoming.) Multilingual identities and their effect on heritage language learner intercultural education during telecollaboration. In L. Klimanova (Ed.). Identity, multilingualism, and CALL. CALICO monograph series.

    Lesoski, C.M. (2022). Supporting neurodivergent learners online: Strategies and lingering questions. The National Teaching & Learning Forum. Vol 31(3), pp. 3-4. 

    Lesoski, C. M. (2021). The online cheating conundrum. The National Teaching & Learning Forum. Vol 30(6), pp. 3-5. 

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    *Goertler, S., Schenker, T., Lesoski, C., & Brunsmeier, S. (2018). Assessing language and intercultural learning during telecollaboration. In: S. Link & J. Li (Eds.). Assessment across online language education. pp. 21-48. Equinox.