Back to the Classroom: Lessons Learned from a Year of Adaptive Teaching

DCAL was pleased to welcome Vanderbilt's Derek Bruff recently for a virtual keynote on agile teaching and learning, resilient course design, and what we have learned from a year of rapid change in higher education.

The past year was a challenging one for higher education, requiring a kind of adaptive teaching for faculty and other instructors operating in new and different contexts. Those of us new to online and hybrid teaching adopted new teaching practices and learned new educational technologies to meet the needs of our students. Looking ahead to a return to the classroom this fall, what have we learned that can enhance our teaching? In this workshop, we explored several teaching principles to help us make intentional choices about our teaching practices and technologies as we go back to the classroom.

Bruff is assistant provost, executive director of the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching and Learning, interim director of the Vanderbilt Digital Commons, and faculty member in the Vanderbilt department of Mathematics.

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