DCAL's New Associate Director of Faculty Programs & Services

This summer, Elli Goudzwaard accepted the position of DCAL's Associate Director of Faculty Programs & Services. She will lead programming efforts for faculty, lecturers, and staff. Elli has been at Dartmouth for five years, first with the Masters of Healthcare Delivery Science Program, and with DCAL for the past three years as the Learning Initiatives Program Manager. We checked in with her as she begins her first fall term in this new role.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I'm looking forward to learning from a wide range of faculty about their experiences of teaching at Dartmouth, and designing programs and services that help them overcome challenges, hone their skills, and develop their love for teaching.

Can you tell me about a transformative learning experience of your own?

My own teaching experiences have been the most transformative parts of my career and where I've learned the most. I have great respect for how much time, energy, and heart it takes to be a good teacher. It's a skill that I'm still practicing and will always be developing.

What can faculty expect when coming to a program at DCAL?

Programs at DCAL are intended to provide time and space for faculty to focus on aspects of their teaching, receive well-researched and useful information on things they can try in their own teaching, and connect with others working on similar things. Faculty can expect to find a welcoming environment, a thoughtful crowd, a good lunch, and plenty of opportunity to engage actively in their own learning experience.

How can faculty connect with you?

Faculty can connect with me in person by stopping by DCAL or by email and phone. I'm available for consultations on teaching topics, DCAL events, and informal coffee chats.