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DCAL's LCFF - Promoting Student Success and Retention

A monthly gathering of graduate students and postdocs talking about teaching and learning.

Monday, January 13, 2020
12:00pm – 1:30pm
DCAL, 102 Baker Library
Intended Audience(s): Faculty, Postdoc, Public, Staff, Students-Graduate
Categories: Workshops & Training
Registration required.

Suppose you’re teaching a course, and …

…most of your class is successful, but a small group of students are still struggling with basic concepts.

…you notice that a number of your students have stopped coming to class, and end up dropping the course after midterms.

…you know that students are struggling, but you hardly have anyone attending your office hours.

What do you do?

In this lunchtime discussion, you’ll learn strategies for …

…quickly identifying struggling or at-risk students.

…promoting a learning environment to address the needs of all of your students.

…developing a teaching philosophy that can guide you in tackling pedagogical problems.

In order to cultivate a community focused on teaching and learning amongst graduate students and postdocs, DCAL has established a Learning Community for Future Faculty (LCFF). The focus of this group is to share the rewards and challenges of college teaching, while digging a bit deeper into best practices and techniques for teaching.  The LCFF usually meets monthly on the 1st Monday of the month - we'll meet on the second Monday in January 2020.  Regular attendance is welcomed yet only coming to the one session you can attend is fine too! 

Please register: https://libcal.dartmouth.edu/event/6108060

For more information, contact:
Cindy Tobery

Events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.