Stamps Scholar Spotlight: Doug Tallmadge '18

In the long term, fusion is the most promising source of energy available.  While the sun provides a great source of fusion energy for many applications through solar energy, there remains a unique opportunity for abundant clean energy through man-made fusion reactors. My project investigates a uniquely small-scale type of fusion experiment that uses strong electric fields to accelerate ions to fusion temperatures. By avoiding the complexity of magnetic confinement, Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion allows for a fusion experiment that can sit on a desktop. While IEC fusion is currently a long way away from producing more energy than is put in, my project focuses on developing a better understanding of how the different design parameters relate to overall efficiency in the device in order to work towards more efficient designs.  Additionally, I'm investigating ways that IEC fusion devices can be used in their existing design for teaching and other research applications.