Radical Unlearning & Feminist Pedagogies: Spring 2017 GRID Series

The Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth presents Radical Unlearning, a seminar series of "feminist reflections on transgressions, humility, and chaos," throughout April and May. 

The series includes:

  • A public lecture with MacArthur "genius" tap dancer & choreographer Michelle Dorrance, director of Dorrance Dance, and Toshi Reagon, singer, songwriter and leader of the band BIGLovely on their roles as cultural tradition bearers.
  • A feminist pedagogy panel entitled "Feminist Pedagogies: Listening, Hesitation, and Lived Possibilities" with Professor Krista Ratcliffe  (English, Purdue), Professor Alia Al-Saji (Philosophy, McGill), and Professor Smaranda Aldea (Philosophy, Dartmouth)
  • An Alumni/Activity panel followed by as screening of the film, "It's Criminal: A Tale of Incarceration and the Ivy League," which depicts journeys of incarcerated women and Dartmouth College students working together to write and perform an original play about the lives of the imprisoned women as part of Dartmouth's experiential learning program, Telling Stories for Social Change.

See full schedule of events here.

From seminar series directors Professors Ivy Schweitzer and Pati Hernandez:

In "Radical Unlearning" we will address how, in the words of bell hooks, "our ways of knowing are forged in history and relations of power," and how this recognition shapes social experiences, our academic approaches, and our performance of community. This GRID seminar asks: what are the pressing and invisible inequities facing the Dartmouth community and the communities around us, and how can we shape our teaching and learning to prepare our students to address them? How can we embrace the whole of students' intellect and experience, actively transform knowledge rather than simply consume it, and unlock the genuinely transformative potential of teaching? What kinds of new research methods and questions does this kind of learning and teaching facilitate?