Textbooks & Course Materials

Textbooks & Course Materials

In most cases, your department or program administrative assistant will handle book orders for the courses you teach in that department or program. Faculty may enter required or recommended textbooks in BannerStudent. See the guide, Textbook Tool Guide: Entering Data Using BannerStudent for Faculty.  Federal Law requires that textbook information for courses be available when courses open for registration. Registration dates are posted by the Registrar’s office.

When it comes to special textbook orders, you may wish to deal directly with a local supplier.  Two popular local suppliers are Wheelock Books and the Dartmouth Bookstore. The Dartmouth Library can help you with Course Reserves, which can accommodate both print and digital requests.

Ordering books for your students is not recommended. Instead, share information about required materials with your students in advance of the start of term to allow them to acquire them as they see fit.

Copyright & Fair Use

Dartmouth community members are expected to follow U.S. copyright law, while fulfilling the core mission of teaching, research, and extending knowledge and creativity in all areas. The Dartmouth College Library has a webpage describing guidelines and policies regarding copyright and fair use, including examples and cases that are relevant to teaching.