Shifting Perspectives: The Rome LSA+ Program

The Rome LSA+ Program is a ten-week study abroad program that supplements an intensive academic experience and advancement in language proficiency with exposure to culture, literature, art, and music. Each assignment, each lecture, and each site visit engages students with deliberate intercultural learning, encouraging them to identify connections, detect nuances, and reflect on their experience as learners in another culture. Home-stay accommodation and frequent engagement with local communities ensure daily contact with Roman culture and society. In addition, two cultural trips offer students the opportunity to explore Italy beyond Rome.

This video follows students from the Winter 2020 program on one of these cultural trips. They spent five days in Orvinio, a small village on the mountains, inhabited by about 300 people, forty miles from Rome. 

Read more about the program here:

After their time in Italy was cut short due to the COVID-19 health crisis, Winter 2020 Rome LSA+ director Tania Convertini and students had to quickly restructure the rest of their term for remote learning. Here they share their lessons learned and suggestions for faculty and students for remote learning:

This video was produced as part of the Student Video Producers program funded by the Experiential Learning Initiative. Credits: Khonza Masuku '22