Stamps Scholar Aaron Lit Makes a Difference With Fashion

Aaron Lit ’19, a math modified with economics student from Hong Kong, has a mission to smooth out any wrinkles in your preconceived notions of fashion while also saving marine life. He intends to do this through his social project MiaMira.

Lit’s love and passion for the ocean cannot be denied. He first became interested in the ocean at the age of 4 when he started snorkeling. This grew into a larger passion at age 10 when he took up scuba diving, enjoying the smaller animals of the ocean reef that people do not usually talk about, as opposed to the “Nemos and the Dorys.”

Lit takes the photos from his expeditions and turns them into designs for his visually stimulating fashion line, MiaMira. Each garment from the line is handmade in Hong Kong with original European fabrics that are biodegradable.

“MiaMira is about finding different channels of highlighting and showcasing marine biodiversity,” Lit explained.

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