Stamps Alumna Spotlight: Amy Zhang '17

"One thing I loved about the Stamps program was how flexible it was. I applied with this essential question of how are the arts and sciences related: What is the function of art and science in society, and how can art and science collaborate together?” former Stamps Scholar and Dartmouth alumna Amy Zhang '18 says of her experience. 

Currently, she is working with fellow Dartmouth Stamps Scholar Dondei Dean as a studio art intern. Going forward, she is interested in art residencies around the world and in continuing her studies in biology. Her goal is to use her degrees to promote interdisciplinary literacy and improve her credibility as a storyteller.

“In science, it’s not enough to sit down, do your research, and churn out numbers. You have to tell a story if you want your research to go anywhere," says Zhang. "Scientists and artists have this same goal: searching for an answer to some question about the world. In my experience, good artists and good scientists end up being very similar.”

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