DCAL Unveils New Logo

Dear DCAL Community,

Over the last year, the DCAL team has worked with Harp & Company Graphic Design to develop a new logo for DCAL. This process has involved considering DCAL’s identity and mission and defining the work that we do. These discussions have been informed by our connections to our community, as in large part, the partnerships and collaborations that we share make DCAL what it is.

Over the course of this year, what was reflected back to us is that DCAL is a place of learning, connecting, and fostering growth. Within the Dartmouth teaching and learning community, DCAL represents openness, collaboration, and potential, and it is both unique within and embedded as a part of Dartmouth. We are excited to share with you the result of these conversations: the new DCAL logo! We hope that you feel, as we do, that DCAL’s new logo resonates with the spirit of our partnerships and shared work, and that it represents what DCAL is and can be.

With gratitude,
Lisa, Elaine, Josh, Prue, Cindy T., Ashley, Cindy C., Elli, & Colleen