Gateway Initiative

The Gateway Initiative is an effort aimed at enhancing learning and classroom pedagogy in “gateway” courses, i. e. courses that are required for entry into the discipline and have large enrollments by necessity, but not by design.  

About the Gateway Initiative

This Initiative is part of a larger effort to invest resources and attention on learning, with a current focus on supporting faculty in course redesign by matching them with dedicated teams that have expertise in project management, instructional design, analytics (to aid with assessment of the effectiveness of the redesign), library resources, and intellectual property issues. Faculty participating in this program are selected through an application process.

The goal of the Gateway Initiative is to enhance individualized learning and improved educational outcomes for students in A&S gateway courses by enabling faculty to redesign courses to resemble smaller, upper-division classes where students and faculty actively work together. Course redesign efforts to date have included the development of flipped teaching models, where faculty pre-record lecture material — freeing up more classroom time for collaboration, discussion, and experiential learning.

For more information, please email Josh Kim.