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  • DartmouthX By the Data

    Since forming DartmouthX in 2014, Dartmouth has produced five massive open online courses and reached 75,000 learners. So just who participates in these massive online courses? Enrollment data from two recent DartmouthX offerings reveal some interesting statistics.

    AmRenX - Gender Breakdown of Learners
  • DartmouthX: Bringing Seminars to Scale

    In a typical Dartmouth course, you’re one of a dozen students convened around a seminar-style table. In another, you’re one student among thousands, representing one country among hundreds, convened in a digital classroom...Explore how these two educational universes are starting to converge.

    DartmouthX Study Hall
  • Experiential Learning: An Interim Abroad

    In today's issue of The Dartmouth, highlights from the experiential learning trips that took students to China, India, Poland and South Africa over the winter break. These embedded courses immerse students directly in their fields of study and provide first-hand, real world experience. Read the full story.

    Classes travel abroad over interim
  • Breaking the Gender Barrier in Engineering

    Joseph Helble, dean of the Thayer School of Engineering, celebrates the majority-female graduating class of 2016 and the contributions they are making to the field in this opinion piece in this week's Scientific American.

    Engineering in Action


 We take the lessons we learn in our open online education program and apply them to our core residential classes.

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