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  • Stamps Scholar Spotlight: Mary Pedicini '19

    Stamps Scholar Mary Pedicini '19 aims to influence peoples' attitudes and behaviors toward the natural world through the art of storytelling and a personal passion for insects.

    Mary Pedicini '19
  • Courses Partner with Local Organizations

    The Dartmouth highlights social impact practicums with the Center for Social Impact: “The social impact part of the course...introduced a real-world learning to the course that I don’t think would have been present in a regular lecture course,” Ethan Smith '20 said of his experience.

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  • 2017 Apgar Award for Innovation in Teaching

    DCAL is delighted to announce that the 2017 Apgar Award for Innovation in Teaching goes to Dr. Bill Hudenko and Dr. Sara Chaney for their course, “Autism: The Science, Story and Experience.”

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  • Making a MOOC: Digital Learning at Dartmouth

    Go behind the scenes of making a MOOC (massive open online course) at Dartmouth with Anthropology professor Jerry DeSilva and the course team that developed Bipedalism: The Science of Upright Walking.

    Making a MOOC: Behind the Scenes of Digital Learning at Dartmouth
  • Stamps Scholar Spotlight: Leah Alpern '18

    Stamps Scholar Leah Alpern '18 is placing a modern lens on the ancient social practice of benefit exchange to examine its potential for moral and ethical development and social health.

    Stamps Scholar Leah Alpern
  • Adelberg: Learning Self-Education

    "Education is not a product that can be passively received: It is a process we can only undergo ourselves. Professors can provide us with the raw material that we need to learn, but only we can turn what they give us into real personal growth."

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  • Stamps Scholar Spotlight: Arvind Suresh '19

    Stamps Scholar Arvind Suresh '19 is studying how music therapy may help patients suffering from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety or neurological disorders like autism and Alzheimer's disease.

    Stamps Scholar Arvind Suresh


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