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  • Organic Chemistry & the Science of Learning

    Walk into most chemistry classes on the first day of term and you likely won’t hear about Hattie’s Barometer. One might wonder (and her students do) what it's doing in Dr. Cathy Welder’s first day of Organic Chemistry 2. The answer, says Welder, is metacognition.

    Active learning in Chem 52
  • Documentary Tells Tale of Experiential Learning

    English course "Telling Stories for Social Change" pushes students out of traditional learning methods and into understanding through experience. Documentary film "It's Criminal" tells the "tale of prison and privilege." Read more from The Dartmouth.

    It's Criminal - documentary film poster
  • 'Senior Design Challenge' Fosters Collaboration

    The Senior Design Challenge, a recipient of DCAL's Experiential Learning Seed Grant, will engage seniors in design thinking methodology with interdisciplinary groups of their peers to create applicable solutions to a real-world problem. Read more from The Dartmouth.

    Design thinking in action
  • The DACA Decision: Campus Resources and Support

    In response to the September 5, 2017 repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, DCAL compiled a list of the resources and support available to students, faculty, and staff.

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  • The Dartmouth: COVER Stories

    Professor Terry Osborne has been teaching courses with a community-based social impact mission for over a decade. Recently, he sat down with The Dartmouth to talk about his course, COVER Stories.

    The Dartmouth masthead