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  • Students Reflect on Learning Abroad

    Every term, Dartmouth students leave campus to spend time learning and living abroad in locations as varied as Japan, Nicaragua, and Spain through programs of the Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education.

    Off-campus program at Pompallier Mission, New Zealand
  • Learning OS: The 'Now' Generation Digital Learning Environment

    In today's Educause Review, Dartmouth Instructional Designer Mike Goudzwaard, along with colleagues Adam Finkelstein of McGill University and Rebecca Petersen of Northeastern University, envision a new digital learning environment that supports, rather than encumbers, the teaching and learning process.

    Learning OS - Educational Technologies to Support T&L
  • Lessons on Leaving the Lecture Behind

    DCAL's Josh Kim suggests that higher education may have something to learn from UVM's Larner College of Medicine as it shifts from lecture-based learning to more active methods.

    UVM Larner College of Medicine - Active Learning
  • Engineered for Learning

    It wasn’t until Thayer Professor Eric Hansen witnessed colleague Peter Robbie teaching his classes differently that he realized he could change things up. “He treated his classroom like an art studio,” says Hansen of Robbie. “I thought, 'why couldn’t I do that?'"

    Electrical Engineering
  • Space Matters: Lessons Learned from an Active-Learning Classroom

    Too many discussions of ed tech focus on tools (like tablets, clickers, learning-management systems, smart boards, etc). More thought should be spent on the design of the classroom itself. Two years ago we renovated an old computer lab into an active learning classroom. Read more.

    Carson 61 - Dartmouth
  • Cap, Gown, & Glacier

    On June 11, as his classmates walked across the Green in Hanover, Stamps Scholar Patrick Saylor ’16, Thayer ’17, celebrated commencement on a snowfield in Alaska.

    Patrick Saylor on a snowfield in Denali
  • Smarter Approach to Teaching Science

    Carl Wieman makes an evidence-based plea for better science instruction in a new book on what might be his grandest experiment yet. Read more from Inside Higher Ed.

    Wieman Book Cover