Other Course Activities

In addition to the internal structure of their courses, faculty members should also consider how their courses relate to other aspects of Dartmouth life outside of their course contact hours.

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty members shall make clear their policy on attendance and obligations having to do with course activities scheduled outside of regular class hours (e.g., exams, field trips, film screenings, make-up classes and labs). Such activities should be carefully constructed to have as minimal an impact as possible on students’ other academic commitments, and reasonable accommodations must be made for students with conflicts. For example, classes requiring exams, field trips, and/or screenings outside of class time are expected to provide alternative times and/or means of satisfying the requirement.

When such accommodations are impossible (e.g., attendance of a play with only one performance), the course syllabus shall clearly explain the requirement (and its impact on the course and the student’s grade) to provide students the opportunity to opt out of the course if the requirement is impossible for them to meet.

Faculty members should also carefully consider the economic cost of outside activities, and make accommodations in the case of economic hardship.