Tests and Exams

In general instructors may use tests and exams as they see fit in order to help students learn and to assess their achievements.  The College does, however, have a few policies that mildly restrict an instructor’s use of exams.

Scheduling Exams

By vote of the Faculty, effective the spring term of 1981-1982, during the last five days of classes of each term, no major tests or examinations may be given. Routine quizzes and drills may, however, be administered.

Also by vote of the Faculty, in every term there shall be a mandatory two-day break (Pre-Examination Break) between the last day of classes and the first final examination, during which no classes or tests may be scheduled. The academic calendar lists the various dates term by term.

Because of the adoption of Memorial Day as a College holiday in 1998, the two days of the Pre-Examination Break in spring term will normally fall on Monday (Memorial Day) and the following Thursday, with final class days on Tuesday and Wednesday and examinations beginning on Friday.

The Registrar's Office provides additional information on scheduling exams.