Gateway Courses

Round Four Gateway Courses

DCAL is excited to announce that Economics 20: Econometrics, taught by professors Ethan Lewis and Taryn Dinkelman, will be the next course to receive support from the Gateway Course Redesign Initiative. Econometrics is the statistical analysis of economic data, and this course focuses on regression analysis (specification, estimation, and hypothesis testing) and problems and pitfalls in its application in economics. The course involves extensive use of the statistical program STATA and enables students to implement their own empirical research projects in preparation for the culminating experience in the economics major. 

The Gateway Initiative is designed to support faculty in achieving their teaching and learning goals for larger-enrollment foundational courses. The Initiative provides faculty with the opportunity to engage in deep collaboration with instructional designers, media educators, librarians, and assessment specialists.  Support for undergraduate Learning Fellows and other instructional costs, as well as a stipend, is provided.  Gateway faculty also join a community of practice of Dartmouth professors that has formed to discuss and share strategies to enhance active and experiential learning in their teaching. 
To date, the Initiative has collaborated with faculty on redesigning for 13 introductory Dartmouth courses.

Round Three Gateway Courses

  • CHEM 52: Organic I, Chenfeng Ke and Cathy Welder
  • EARS 6: Environmental Change, Bob Hawley
  • ENGS 31/COSC 56: Digital Electronics, Eric Hansen and Geoff Luke
  • PSYC 1: Introduction to Psychology, Thalia Wheatley and Brad Duchaine
  • SOCY 1: Intro to Sociology, Kim Rogers

Round Two Gateway Courses

  • ANTH 3: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Sienna Craig and Laura Ogden (Winter 2016)
  • COLT 1: Read the World, Rebecca Biron (Fall 2015)
  • COSC 1: Introduction to Computer Science, Devin Balkcom, Thomas Cormen, and Hany Farid (Spring 2016)
  • PHYS 13: Studio Physics, Robyn Millan (Winter 2017)

Round One Gateway Courses

  • BIOL 13: Gene Expression and Inheritance, Tom Jack, Patrick Dolph, and Erik Griffin (Fall 2015)
  • CLST 1: Antiquity Today – An Introduction to Classical Studies, Paul Christesen (Winter 2015)
  • MATH 3: Calculus, Scott Pauls (Fall 2015)
  • RUSS 13: Slavic Folklore, Misha Gronas (Spring 2015)