Stamps Scholars

Dartmouth Stamps Scholars are exceptional students in their junior and senior years pursuing high-impact experiential learning opportunities while developing critical leadership skills.

2017-18 Stamps Scholars

1st Year Scholars

Leah Alpern '18
Kate Dumanian '18
Michael Everett '19
Emily Grabowski '18
Colleen O’Connor '19
Rafael Nunez '18
Mary Pedicini '19
Sheppard Somers '19
Arvind Suresh '19
Lillian Zhao '19

2nd Year Scholars

Maggie Baird ’18
A Phonological Account of Word-Final Vowel Deletion and Reduction in Gulmancema

Saba Kaboly Nejad ’18
Exploring Medical Physics and Finding a Cure for Cancer

Madison Sabol ’18
A Socioeconomic and Ecological Survey of Wine Production in the Bordeaux Region of France

Sumita Strander ’18
Understanding and Comparing the Experience of Elderly Indians Living with Dementia in New Jersey, USA and Kolkata, India

Douglas Tallmadge ’18
Helium-Deuterium Based Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusor

Past Stamps Scholars

Katherine Crane ’16: ArtxChange Social Enterprise

Dondei Dean ’17Black Women's Activism at Dartmouth: An Oral and Visual History

Robert Halvorsen ’17: RunRite SmartSole

Connie Jiang ’16: Investigating the Spread of Correlations in Quantum Spin Chains with Long Range Interactions

Terren Klein ’17: Dartmouth Pulse, The Reliable College Public Opinion Platform

JoRee LaFrance ’17: Reconnecting Crow Elders and Youth Through Storytelling of Our Sacred Lands

Rachel Margolese ’16: Life Cycle Analysis of Energy Use at Dartmouth College

Julia Marino ’17Basil O'Connor, The Founding Father of Modern Philanthropy

Andrés Mejía-Ramón ’16: Local Hydrology in Teotihuacan: A Study of Ancient Canals and Water Basins

Andrew Nalani ’15: Transformative Learning and Youth Leadership Development in East-Africa

Melissa Padilla ’16: Ni De Aqui, Ni De Aya: DREAMers Find “Home”

Lucia Pohlman ’15: Finding Leverage Points for More Local Healthy Food in the Dartmouth Food System

Patrick Saylor ’16: Testing the Iron Hypothesis in the North Pacific Using the Dust and MSA records in the Mt. Hunter Ice and Mt. Logan Cores

Jessica Tong ’17: Untold Stories from the Chinese Cultural Revolution

Thomas Wang ’16: Millennial Action Coalition

Leehi Yona ’16: Arctic Issues

Amy Zhang ’17Communicating Science Through the Visual Arts