Student Experiential Learning Fund (SELF) - Group Application

The Student Experiential Learning Fund (SELF) is a partnership between the Center for Professional Development and the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning. The fund is intended to support students in pursuing unpaid or low paying internships, non-Dartmouth research, group projects, conference travel, job shadows, specialized professional or leadership training not offered at Dartmouth, and other opportunities not supported by existing funding sources. The experiential learning opportunity must also closely align with career and/or academic interests. Priority is given to students and groups who have not received funding from SELF or another campus resource. We require that applicants seek the most economical options for housing, transportation, etc. Funding application deadlines are the 6th Friday of the term prior to the experience occurring. In order to be considered for funds, applications must be submitted by the following dates:

Friday, February 9th, 2018 for Spring 2018 Experiences
Friday, May 4th, 2018 for Summer 2018 Experiences

In addition to this digital form, a complete application requires a supervisor/advisor statement outlining the proposed responsibilities/goals of the group.

If selected for funding, the group leader is also required to submit the following forms, which will be provided when you are notified of the funding decision:

  1. A signed acknowledgement and risk release
  2. A signed funding contract
  3. An emergency contact form
  4. Completion of the Dartmouth Travel Registry (for international experiences only)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If selected for funding, each group is required to submit a one-page, post-experience report outlining the overall experience, reflecting on what you learned, and describing how the experience correlated with career and academic interests. If receiving funding specifically from a Dartmouth donor, a thank you letter must be written and sent to the respective donor. These document(s) must be submitted no later than two weeks into the term following the experience.  $100 of funding is held until completion of such report, and will be forfeited after report deadline.

Proposal Information
List names, majors, class years, and email addresses of all additional group members who will participate in the experience.
Check the boxes below to indicate that the group meets eligibility requirements for this fund.
Share the name of the partner organization or conference affiliated with this group experience.

Supervisor/Advisor Information
Provide the name and contact information for the group’s supervisor or advisor. This can be a Dartmouth faculty/staff member or an external partner.
Attach a supervisor/advisor statement confirming the group experience and outlining the responsibilities/goals of the group.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: rtf pdf doc docx odt.

Experience Overview
Indicate which term(s) you will be actively engaging in this experience. Select all that apply.
Start/End Dates
Share the specific start and end dates for your experience.
Indicate what type of experiential learning the group is pursuing. Select all that apply. If other, define the type of experience.
Please note, funding will not be disbursed until your experience is confirmed by an advisor or supervisor.

Funding Overview
Include program fees, visa fees, registration, supplies, etc.

Short Answer Questions
Please limit responses to 200 – 250 words for each prompt below.