DCAL coordinates several funding opportunites to support students, faculty, and co-curricular educators in their experiential endeavors.

Experiential Learning Seed Grant - Up to $50,000

DCAL’s Experiential Learning Seed Grant catalyzes the creation and expansion of intentional, reflective, applied learning opportunities across the institution with one-year pilot funding, dedicated campus partnerships, expert professional development, and a cohort-based model for project development. Through this grant program, DCAL engages students, faculty, and co-curricular partners in the process of seeding imaginative, high-impact ideas that have potential to grow into viable models for integrating experiential learning as a core component of the Dartmouth experience. From 2015-18, DCAL received 92 proposals requesting over $2M in experiential learning funds. To date, DCAL has awarded 47 grants providing over $1M in experiential learning seed funding to projects in 21 Arts and Sciences departments, 7 co-curricular centers, and all 3 professional schools.

Student Experiential Learning Fund (SELF)

The Student Experiential Learning Fund (SELF) is directed in partnership between the Center for Professional Development (CPD) and the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL). The fund supports students’ skill, confidence, and capacity building through intentional experience with and critical reflection on:

  • Internships, externships, job-shadowing
  • Non-Dartmouth research opportunities
  • Group and team projects
  • Social sector and direct service experiences
  • Conference travel and scholarly presentations
  • Specialized professional/leadership training

For more details and to apply, visit the Center for Professional Development's SELF page or contact [email protected]

Stamps Scholars Program

The Stamps Scholars Program allows the most promising students an opportunity to design an experiential learning plan (E-Plan) to build on or respond to what they've learned in their first and second years at Dartmouth. Stamps Scholars have access to an enrichment fund of up to $20,000 per student to engage in experiential learning opportunities that can be spread over multiple terms, during on and off terms. Examples of ways the funds can be used include pursuing: an entrepreneurial idea, a research project either on or off campus, leadership training, an internship, service learning, and more.

Click here for more information about the Dartmouth College Stamps Scholars Program.